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Wrong location data send to fireeagle

Jul 28, 2009 at 1:37 AM


I've installed hineini on my HTC Tytn II with Windows Mobile 6.1 and after installing the new compact Framework 3.5 it seemed to work.

But the application sets my position far away (around 100km) from my real actual position.

I checked the extra log and the position in the log is absolutely correct. But it seems to be in a wrong notation.

Example from extra.log:

  << Updating Fire Eagle position with lat/long: '22,2222222', '1,1111111' >>

Correct notation has to be '22.2222222', '1.1111111' with dots, I think!

If I check the location Data in google maps, hineini points my position exactly to the position 22.0000 , 2.00000

So I think, I'm right with my guess that this has to be the probem.

Could you confirm this problem.


greetings from germany,



PS: What's the original meaning of "hineini" or where does the name come from? In german it sounds a bit funny because of the meaning of the word "hinein" ... ;-)

Jul 28, 2009 at 5:05 AM

Thank you for taking the time to come here and give me feedback about your experience with Hineini.  I very much appreciate that.

I've released 0.6.8 to address the bug you found.  Please do let me know if it resolves the problem for you.

Regarding the name, "Hineini" is Hebrew for "Here I Am" and conveys not a physical location, but a spiritual readiness... a willingness to act before God.

I think it's a beautiful word, not only in those deeper meanings, but in its appearance, and I decided to borrow only from its literal translation ("Here I Am") when naming my software that tells, plainly, where you are (physically).

Jul 28, 2009 at 2:03 PM
Edited Jul 28, 2009 at 2:05 PM


It now works as it should and the position and adress in hineini and Fire Eagle is updated correctly.

I see two main differences in the log-files:

Before (in 0.6.7) ist was something like this in the logs:

<< ExactPoint Parts length : 2

<< ExactPoint Parts: '22.0', '1.0'

<< Updating Fire Eagle position with lat/long: '22,2222222', '1,1111111'

Now (in 0.6.8) it is:

<< ExactPoint Parts length : 2   (is this really true?)

<< ExactPoint Parts: '22.22222222', '1.11111111'

<< Updating Fire Eagle position with lat/long: '22.2222222', '1.1111111'

What ever you did, you did it right ... many thanks!


There remain two questions:

1. Is the size of extra.log limited? Because this file seems to grow up very fast.

2. In the map of hineini my position and adress is shown correctly but theres no "pin"mark of my detailed position like in Fire Eagle or in googlemaps. Is this a bug or not implemented?

And two feature requests:

1. The adress shown in the hineini-map should be word-wrapped because half of the information is cut (not shown) in portrait-screen. The information is there. If I switch to landscape-mode with the map shown, I can see more of it - but even not all ...

2. It would be a nice feature to zoom the hineini-map or at least to have the (menu-)option to override the default zoom setting of the map. Because if you are not in the city, you might just see nothing more then a handfull streets.


Many thanks for this great application and your fast response and bugfix!


Jul 28, 2009 at 3:28 PM

The size of extra.log is not limited, but that's one of the first features I'm going to implement next.

The "pin" mark (only for "exact location" maps) is another feature I'll be adding soon.  I'll likely make it an option the user can enable or disable.

The word-wrapping of the address information is important.  Thank you for the feedback on this.  If you could provide a screenshot, it would help a lot (don't go to any trouble -- I understand... the text is becoming invisible).  Given that I have only my phone on which to test, I have limited exposure to how that text renders, really.  But, yes, making the rendering of that text more intelligent is one of my goals.

Zooming the map is also necessary, I agree, and I plan to add that soon, also.

In the Issue Tracker, I've documented my plans more thoroughly:

Jul 28, 2009 at 11:11 PM
Edited Jul 28, 2009 at 11:15 PM

I've tested hineini for a day now and it seems to work anything as you have implemented it.

Even the fallback to cell tower location worked fine! I set the phone to standby-mode (display off) and hineini went on to work (as it should) but I didn't knew, that the gps receiver went off in this state of the mobile phone. I wondered why my position was not as expected and checked hineini. As documented the position got a "~" mark.
The position was around 1-1.5 miles away from my real position but it was in a place where not many cell towers are placed in and so I think it was the best you could expect with this way to locate the actual position.

I don't know if you like that other users make feature requests in the tracker. So I post here another feature request. It should be very easy to implement.

I like the feature "GPS Stationary Threshold" but the steps should be changed or enhanced.
There are some settings missing just to compense the gps tolerance and not transmitting unnecessary updates to Fire Eagle. I think of two more options like 20 yards (~18 m) and 100 yards (~91 m). The 20 yards option is a good choice if you have good gps accuracy and like to get only real movements as exact as possible and the 100 yards option is a good choice if your gps accuracy is weak or if you don't like to submit any little movement in office or home place.
A little bit more coding but the best solution (additional to at least the 20 yards option) would be an extra custom setting where you could set your own threshold as you like it.

The notation in miles (and yards) is very unusual for us "metric speaking" people. But I've no idea how to solve this. Because I think, for you it's unusual to notate distances in m (meter) and km (kilometer).

I like your app very much and many thanks for your good work.
I try to help as far as I can and if you plan to translate your app in other languages, the german translation will be no problem at all. My german is much better than my english ... ;-)


PS: Where should I post the screenshots of hineini (according to the word wrapping issue). The issue tracker has an upload feature. Should I post them there in the appropriate thread?

Jul 29, 2009 at 8:46 PM

To be sure, I don't have any problem with people creating issues in the tracker.  Although, discussion (here) before an issue is created in the tracker can be helpful.

I don't understand this sentence: "There are some settings missing just to compense the gps tolerance and not transmitting unnecessary updates to Fire Eagle."  Please explain.  Many thanks.

Regarding the 18m and 91m options for "GPS Stationary Threshold", I'll add "60 feet" and "300 feet", to at least give you the distances you wanted.  Part of me wants to switch all of the values to metric, since that's what most of the world uses.  But, I think the "rest of the world" will tolerate the English system much more graciously than we "dumb Americans" will tolerate the Metric system. Who knows... maybe, one day, I'll change it.

I would like to internationalize this software one day, but that goal is distant enough to not even be added to the Issue Tracker yet.

Thank you for your feedback.  I've created one additional issue in the tracker:

P.S.: Please never hesitate to upload/attach your screenshots to the appropriate tracker issue.  Thank you!

Jul 29, 2009 at 11:27 PM
lancehilliard wrote:

I don't understand this sentence: "There are some settings missing just to compense the gps tolerance and not transmitting unnecessary updates to Fire Eagle."  Please explain.  Many thanks.

ok - with compense I meant "compensate" - some letters missing ...

If you stand still at a fixed position, it is possible that the gps receiver although may give slighty different data each time it redertimines the position - the detected position doesn't freeze but moves a bit. The better your receive the satellites signal the less is this effect.
I have experinces with gps receivers since about 7-8 years and I think with around 30-60 feet it's a good choice to eliminate this effect in any usual case and unneccesary updates / transmissions to Fire Eagle are avoided.

30 feet should be sufficent for the lowest value. Perhaps it should be better to add "30 feet" and "300 feet". I suggest to add this two values and I'll give you feedback if 30 feet is ok.

Added this to the issue tracker, too ...



PS: Interesting article about "dumb Americans".... and let's try to become perfect human beings - all over the world - not only in America ... ;-)