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Project Description
Hineini tells Yahoo's Fire Eagle service where you are. It runs natively in Windows Mobile (5 or 6 w/ .NET Compact Framework 3.5). It aims only to notify Fire Eagle of your most recent physical location, which is then consumed by other Fire Eagle services you trust.

Hineini sends your physical location (derived from CellID, GPS, or your input) to Fire Eagle. That's it. It depends on no service other than Fire Eagle to operate (if the map service becomes unavailable, your location is still updated w/ Fire Eagle). You tell it whether updates should be automatic or manual. A map of your most recent location is displayed on the screen only when Hineini is the active/foreground application (this preserves battery life when Hineini is running in the background).

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This project offers two things:
  • a native Windows Mobile update client for Yahoo's Fire Eagle service
  • an opportunity for any developer wishing to contribute (all skill levels welcome)
Note from the project owner:
Every facet of this project and its source code is ripe for improvement. You're encouraged to voice what about it you'd like improved first, but thank you for respecting the fact that those improvements can only come given the availability of the volunteer(s) willing to work on it at any given time. Why Hineini?

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